2018 six week shape-up

Ben Knight, Nutrition Expert & PT

30 October 2017

You’ve asked us before, but this time it’s different

What is the best way to get in shape when you have PCOS?

Yoga? Running? Weights?

The answer is always the same – you’ll get in shape doing pretty much anything you can stick to

Every form of exercise has its benefits

What makes our six week shape-up so special? It exposes you to the right type and amount of exercises, which will help you move, look and feel better.

What you get on the six week shape-up programme

18 beautifully designed online training sessions

delivered under the guidance of one of our world class trainers, our programme is so elegantly designed that anyone can get started and achieve amazing results from the comfort of their own home. We simply tweak the programme to suit each individual, meaning everyone gets our best work from the off. You deserve our best, so that’s what we give.

A fully customised nutrition programme

We support you to achieve amazing results by creating a simple, effective nutrition plan that works with your PCOS and doesn’t exclude the enjoyment in food. You’ll get all the support you need to get on track and stay there, including access to our meal plans.

Ongoing support from our coaching team

Our support and advice is always on hand when you need it most and our regular accountability checks mean that you can always feel in control and on track.

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